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The Full Story

About K.C. Smith

Born and raised in Maryland, I spent a lot of my time escaping from my childhood into fantasy worlds. My heart holds a special place for YA fantasy as it got me through some hard times growing up. I spent a lot of time writing short stories in middle and high school. The journey to completing my first book has been long, but so worth it! I hope to write many more novels in the future. 

Currently, I still live in Maryland with my husband and our Chihuahua, Tank! I work full time as an Accountant, spending most my free time writing and creating! When not writing or reading, I enjoy rock climbing, which I do three times a week, and traveling the world!


My Goal as an Author

My goal has always been to create fun stories full of magical worlds that allow you an escape from the real world for a little while. I want you to have fun while reading one of my books.

My Vision for the Future

 I am a slow methodical writer. My vision for the future is not to get as many books out as possible, but to take my time creating beautiful worlds and characters that you will remember long after you have read the book.

Forest Scene
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