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K.C. Smith's Biography


Born and bred in Maryland, Katelyn has always had a great love for all things magical and fantasy. Her love of the genre began in elementary school through reading The Magic Treehouse books by Mary Pope Osborne. Her obsession only grew stronger as she ventured into high school and was given many Young Adult Fantasy books by her older brother. 

Her strength during grade school was always in math, but she enjoyed writing short stories in her free time throughout middle and high school. Once she began college, her interest in writing a full novel took root and writing kept her sane as she worked her way through obtaining an Accounting Degree. 

The following years would find Katelyn continuing to write, but never fully completing a novel until many years after college in 2021. Her debut novel, A Lust for Blood, is set to release November 1, 2022 from Phantom House Press. 

When not writing, Katelyn can be found rock climbing, spending time with her husband and their chihuahua, and traveling the world!

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